We make our
clients heroes

We are a video production company for every occasion. We are in the business of video content creation in various forms. In addition, we deal with writing texts, idea making and advertising campaign strategy.

We are here to capture you as heroes in your life moments.

Behind everything was the effort to help others…

Our journey started with a travel blog. Europe, India, China and other foreigners are no strangers to many of our team. Old faces left us and were replaced by new talents. But the vision remained: to help companies and individuals create the video of their dreams. The more we delved into different areas of video production, the more certain we knew that making videos was our calling! We brought a lot of experience to the Czech Republic, so we can implement even complex projects for large brands: not just ads anymore!


Advertising videos rule social networks and television. Let's stand out in the sea of advertisements with us. We tailor a promotional video for your product or service that will attract your target group and present your brand in a special light.


We will record a quality interview for you in the form of audio or video. We also offer the processing of already recorded interviews: for example, we will edit or convert the material into a high-quality audio recording.


You can even get on TV with us. We know how to engage TV viewers and what to avoid. Just tell us your vision; we will take care of the rest.


Live broadcasting of conferences, concerts or family events allows you to provide an authentic experience even to those who cannot be physically present at the event. Whether it is a target group of customers, friends or fans, our set of cameras and microphones will ensure a smooth and high-quality transmission of the event to the web or social networks.


Do you have an idea in mind? Information that weighs/pleases you on your heart and you want others to hear it too? Do you want to create a music clip, a "baby" for your loyal or even future listeners? Great, we've taken the first step. Let's get straight to the point!


Present your company in the best light to a potential customer, partner or investor: from products to offices, the viewer will learn everything. Do not forget to spice up the success of your business with quality records from company events. We'll also take care of recruiting videos: get superheroes on your team more easily!


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We are young ambitious team of Enthusiast

We want only the elite among our ranks. Enthusiasts who are able to honor company values. We care not only about performance, but also about the personality of our members. We thereby maximize the probability of satisfaction for you – the client.

Lubomír Novohradský

CEO, director

I love challenges that push me forward, even with a dash of humorous setbacks. But I don’t just give up! Video production is a game I hate to lose.

Adam Kraus

Sports editor

I am an athlete in body and soul, which is why my work fulfills me. My job is to make sure everything works as it should in the sports section of our website. Together with the other editors, we serve readers current information from the world of sports with an overlap into odds betting.

Andrej Kouřil

IT specialist

I am a programmer who is constantly on the edge of technological innovation. In love with the code world and the endless possibilities of creating great solutions – not only for work, but also to improve everyday life. My specialties include web applications, mobile development and artificial intelligence. I like to participate in innovative projects that change the world for the better.

Aneta Pilařová

Financial and corporate manager

Eliška Antošová

Marketing specialist

I like to come up with creative and effective strategies to engage the audience and draw attention to our services. I have an eye for detail and am responsible for communicating with the world.

Jakub Zich

Editor of the gambling section

Being an editor can be a lot of hard work. My output is well done reviews for casino enthusiasts. I bring hot news and bonuses every day so that our player is always satisfied.


Luboš Řepa

Sports Editor

Mikuláš Radouš

Project manager

I am a passionate and creative audiovisual producer focused on creating authentic and engaging content that tells the unique stories of our clients.

Pavel Drahoňovský

Team editor

My task is to combine the incompatible: so that the reader gets a ton of useful information from the articles and at the same time does not fall asleep over it. … And to remember more than 1% of the content after 24 hours? This is a real Mission Impossible. As an editor, I mainly cover marketing and creative work, but sometimes I take a trip to completely different areas. Because change is life.

Roman Mráz

Sports editor

I like the world of numbers. And sports writing is actually a never-ending game with numbers, supplemented with cold facts, human emotions and personal opinions. It is not always possible to successfully combine these attributes, but my goal is for the reader to find the important thing in each article, written in a readable form.

Robert Kuropatwa

Sports editor

Lone wolf.

he doesn’t bite… He understands the sports betting business and EDM production. Incorrect humor is his middle name.

“Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done.” – David Goggins.

Martin Svoboda

Sales department

– Among other things, sales is also my pastime. I like to meet new people, both professionally and personally. I always try to bring added value to our clients, which will help not only them but also us grow. I believe in openness and fair dealing.


Editor / Graphic designer

I am the bridge between the creative team and the viewer. I love the process when I get a large number of disparate shots and create a functioning whole from them, which not only materializes the client’s wishes and the director’s vision, but also captivates the public.


Anna Kubásková


Tadeáš Mikulecký

Kameraman a střihač

Authentic media is not just about us and our clients. We have created a place where, in the context of video production, supply meets – production companies, film crews,… – with demand – actors, cameramen, editors, illuminators and other creative people who can help in the realization of an audiovisual project. For creatives, this means a higher chance of finding better work. For production companies, the possibility to create interesting projects faster and easier. In addition, we create the Authentic Show podcast, where we try to extract the most useful and interesting from unique personalities (and not only) from the production environment!

In the sports section of the website, we bring our readers current information from the world of sports. Our focus is versatile. Here you will find articles from all major sporting events and competitions, such as the football Champions League, tennis Grand Slams or martial arts tournaments sports organizations UFC and Octagon.
We don’t forget the world or European championships either. Furthermore, we are also dedicated to various amateur competitions: we try to make them visible and bring them closer not only to sports fans. As a perfect example we can cite the Hanspaul League (Prague competition in small football), which has been played since 1972.

Last but not least, we try to bring readers closer to the world of sports betting. We have something for everyone!